About Mugo

Joe Gray and Lottie Whyte are the founders of MyoMaster. Joe is a professional rugby player with two England tours and 14 seasons under his belt, Lottie is an accomplished hockey player, and avid runner and gym goer. Myo Master started in a Harlequin’s changing room – with a drill and a stool leg. In early 2018 Joe developed achilles tendonitis – the last thing any professional rugby player wants to have. Frustrated by his injury, Joe went looking for a solution. He dismantled a drill, welded on a stool leg and made a make-shift massage gun to treat his achilles at home. What he didn’t know at the time was that he had just created the prototype for the MyoPro. The next day, he took his new invention to Harlequins. Initially he was met with the kind of banter you would expect a man holding a stool leg, attached to a drill in a rugby training room to receive. But it didn’t take long for his teammates to start trying, and loving his massage tool. They straight away noticed the impact it was having on their sore post-training muscles. When England player, Kyle Sinckler, grabbed his wallet and asked ‘how much?’ Joe realised he had created something that even the most established athletes could benefit from. Seeing the difference the massage gun made for Joe and his team mates, got Lottie thinking about the transformative impact it could have on everyday athletes as well as professional ones. She quickly realised that people lacked knowledge on the benefits of recovery and that existing products were incredibly expensive. It was then that she and Joe decided to bring both their expertise and massage gun to the world and create a business that helped all athletes reach their potential. MyoMaster was born.